Monday, October 29, 2012

Angry Birds Friends: Halloween Tournament [Part 1]

This tournament has ended, and the levels in the tournament are NO LONGER playable. The level informations/explanations is just for your reference. Thank you for reading.

Jakarta, 6 November 2012
TechnikalBlog Admin

This week, Angry Birds Friends is holding another tournament... with a twist. This is the Halloween Tournament!

The tournament consists of 6 levels, from which one level is unlocked everyday, unless if you want to clear the whole Tournament in one sitting, pay US$1.
Every user is entitled to 6 free Hunters (in fact, the Big Brother Bird) to be used throughout the week (so far, I used one), but they can buy more Hunters (actually, unlimited Hunters) for US$5.  
The Halloween Tournament also introduces the Orange Bird onto Angry Birds Friends, with the same powers like in other Angry Birds releases!
This is the 1st Level of the Tournament. You will have to kill 3 pigs in this level. But watch out...!
Zompigs will appear after you kill a pig. You will also have to kill them to win the level!


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